Evo Oxygenating Gel

Designed to improve AIR permeability – the exchange of water vapour and oxygen to and from the NAIL BED, allowing the nail to "breathe".

Evo has been designed from the ground up to provide the best combination of performance and safety. Free of organic solvents and the product contains no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP or Camphor, strictly no animal testing and is 100% Vegan. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE

Collagen Pro-Active

Your daily dose of Collagen Pro-Active contains 10000mg of hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin B5, B2, B6, B1 and magnesium which all work in unison enhancing your beauty by - improving skin elasticity & hydration for a radiant, glowing skin, enhancing hair strength & appearance as well as providing accelerated, healthy nail growth.

Pro-Active Collagen helps improve bone density, keep teeth strong and reduces recovery time from dental surgery. It also helps reduce inflammation associated with periodontal disease and is recommended by many Doctors and Cosmetic Dentists in South Africa.


Anti-Ageing in a non-invasive and natural way is at the top of every forward thinking consumer’s mind, Bio-Therapeutic from Seattle USA, answers our demand with the most cutting edge, results driven technology on the market today. At Namibia Beauty, BT award winning technology and innovation is now available, for the first time in Namibia!

Take your skincare to the next level with LED light therapy. Invest in celebrity Oxygen facials, BT Micro facial & Nano Lifting treatments to deliver dynamic results.

Namibia Beauty now offers the new Bio-Synthesis LED light therapy to clients. A system designed to treat very specific skin concerns like ageing, dehydration, inflammation, sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, acne, oiliness and targets to improve the quality of skin dramatically as well as increases ATP (energy) within the skin by using four different colour lights with very specific and highly specialized benefits.

  • LED uses only LED technology with colour and is completely non-invasive. LED is successful treatment in various conditions and is suited to all skin types and all skin colours.
  • Green LED light: Ideal for hyper-pigmentation. Also effective for detoxification of the skin.
  • Red LED light: Ideal for ageing/prematurely ageing skin and for dynamic energy production in the skin
  • Blue LED light: Ideal for acne, excessive oiliness & inflammation
  • Yellow LED light: Ideal for sensitivity, inflammation and dehydration

A treatment lasts between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the professional recommendation given by your skin expert. This is a treatment experience from out of this world!

BT Nano lift is the natural non-surgical face-lift and combines the award-winning BT-Cocktail, three part energy system containing the most forward thinking ingredients on the market today. This treatment uses an advanced sequenced micro current to re-educate and tightens facial muscles. We achieve anti-ageing by lifting, firming and hydrating the skin as well as energizing the skin cells. A course of 6 lifting facials is required for the ultimate results!

BT Facial Analyzer, will accurately test your skins moisture levels prior to your treatment and after.

BT Micro which is an Ultrasonic Anti-Ageing Exfoliation device that leaves the skin smooth and plump and dynamically increases product penetration with micro current.

BT Accent Air –“Celebrity” Oxygen Facial’. Stars and celebrities have known the secret to fabulous looking skin for years. BT accent AIR is the new generation of facials. It blends fabulous results from years of proven success with the latest delivery systems in 3 accessories. The Jet infuses ampoules, serums and light creams into the skin in a very focused manner, smoothing even the deepest wrinkles. The wand delivers an oxygenated misting of a serum in an air brush fashion, intensely hydrating dehydrated skin. Finally the client relaxes under 94% pure oxygen with the Dome, which is applied over the top of a skin type specific mask infused with the latest active ingredients such a peptides, lighteners and brighteners. Oxygen is as organic as it gets, used for every function of every living creature, every moment of every day. Increased hydration, softening & plumping of lines and wrinkles, ATP energy production so the skin looks more alive, minimized pores, texture will become smooth and even and a lovely tone. A course of 6 oxygen facials is recommended.

Technology changed the world… why not let it change your skin too!